Fra skoleleder Malick : Statusrapport( på engelsk) med billeder .

21. oktober 2016

Per, Elna, Kirsten and Erik plan to hand over the Lower Basic School to the Community of Kubuneh village on the 20. november 2016. At the moment they are looking for money to finish the outside of the School. They have found money to an important need, so we are now busy building more toilets and adding water facilities to the school.

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Kubuneh Village has a Nursery School and a Lower Basic School in the same campus. We have 316 students in the Lower Basic School and 124 students in the Nursery School. The Community demanded a Lower Basic School to keep their Children from working 4 kilometers to the nearest Lower Basic School.  The Lower Basic School is handed over to the Government to pay the teachers and manager the school, because the community and the donors cannot pay the teachers in the Lower Basic School.

The Village decided to manage the Nursery School.

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