2016 – En opdatering

3. juli 2016

In connection with the journey to empty the container, there was time to follow up on the different subprojects.

I relation to the school we held presentation of the contents of the container meeting with the school board, VDC and alkalo to determine the framework for a meeting with the district director. The meeting was scheduled until 1 March, but just that day the government had chosen to insert a new man on the post.

moedeThe meeting was however kept with his 2 inspectors, and we received a thorough discussion of the wishes of the village in connection with a possible event. overtagelse / inddragelse til staten.

In order to ensure the continued good standard of buildings and the educational cooperation, you still wanted to work with us. Man wanted at skolerne as previously belonged to the village, but would like the state to pay pay to teachers and deliver books to the children. Likewise, the man wanted to be educated teachers from the village to be employed.

Vi var enige om at udarbejde et ‘Memorandum of Understanding’, som skulle være grundlaget for det fremtidige samarbejde.

The day before my return trip, the alkali agreed a meeting with the new director. We presented your wishes and he was immediately very positive. ‘Memo’et’ er nu udarbejdet og overleveret til direktøren og vi ‘krydser fingre’.

The 3 classrooms are now completely finished, and they are in progress with the last two. On this background, the parents in the village have expressed the wish to let all the village children up to the 6th grade go to school in Kubuneh already from the new school year’s start on September 1. Udspillet fra direktøren vil afgøre om det kan lade sig gøre, men det er dejligt, at vi er nået så langt.skolespil2

During the visit, teachers and students at the two afternoon classes would like to show that they already had a song and played an act. I have a gap between piles on the porch in front of an unfinished classroom space. 4 sange og et skuespil om en pige, der ikke måtte komme i skole var flot gennemført. En god oplevelse.